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How it works

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Joe has £40,000 in an Easy Access account. He selects his account, from our whole of market list in Rate Tracker and we show him that his interest rate is still competitive, so nothing to worry about as this stage. Joe is very relieved for now.

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A few months later, his bank cuts the rate of interest on his account so the rate is now uncompetitive and well below inflation, so Joe is losing money.

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Savings Champion detects the rate change to Joe's account and sends him a notification email warning him of his situation along with details of the best rates available. Joe is shocked to learn what interest he’s now receiving on his account. 

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Joe realises he needs to switch his account to a better rate so he checks out our best buys. He opens his new account, adds it to his Rate Tracker portfolio, safe in the knowledge we'll keep a track on his account for him. Forever.

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